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Brain and Spinal Injury LawyersBrain and spinal cord injuries cause the most devastating permanent physical changes possible. Loss of mobility and paralysis, whether partial or full, changes the life of the victim forever. These injury cases, whether as a result of a car accident, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident or other accident, must be addressed by an experienced personal injury lawyer.

A brain or spinal cord injury is not only devastating to the victim of an accident, but to his immediate family. Insurance companies will pay out fairly quickly for lesser injuries like broken bones and abrasions, because the amounts involved are relatively small. But over the course of the victim's lifetime, a brain or spinal cord injury can cost millions of dollars, since the following expenses may be involved:

  • Years of physical therapy, to learn how to walk, write, or speak again
  • 24-hour home care by a licensed attendant
  • Long-term stays in a nursing home or rehabilitation facility
  • If the victim is in a coma, the cost of life-support and other medical equipment
  • If the victim is a child, the cost of alternative, one-one-one schooling and intensive therapy
  • The cost of wheelchairs and home repairs, to the make the victim's residence wheelchair accessible

If you or a loved one has sustained a brain or spinal injury or has been paralyzed as a result of another's negligence, carelessness or intentional act, you may be entitled to compensation that can help cover the costs of medical bills, future treatment and lost wages. At Young and Young, our attorneys have been helping Indiana clients obtain financial settlements in personal injury lawsuits since 1954.

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